October 2016 Confidence Challenge

Take the first step to FEELING like a rock star parent. 14 days to a more confident you!

  • 14 simple challenges designed to help you grow your confidence as a parent.
  • Put a little bit of work into building yourself up... so that you can then work to build up those who depend on you.
  • Dive into a community of parents working together to be (and truly believe it) AWESOME parents.
  • Get daily emails with challenges intended to help you form positive habits.
  • 14 short days to falling in love with being a parent....

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Your Instructor

Jill Riley
Jill Riley

AKA - Your Course Cheerleader

Hello, confident-parents-in-the-making! I want to do what I do best... cheer on an incredible group of parents as they work to become the very best parents they can be.

I will be here the entire way: with a shoulder to rest your head on, a gentle nudge when you need it, and of course cartwheels in the background when it's time to celebrate.

Challenge starts October 1, 2016.

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